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Dermaceutical Concept + Design GmbH

Gewerbepark Brand 53, 52078 Aachen
Telephone +49 241 160282-0
Fax +49 241 160282-10

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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2022 hall map (Hall 10): stand B57

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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2022 fairground map: Hall 10


Sandra Willms

+49 241 1602820


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area / BEAUTY exclusive (without direct sales)
  • 01.01  Skincare
  • 01.01.01  Cleaning
  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area / BEAUTY exclusive (without direct sales)
  • 01.01  Skincare
  • 01.01.02  Creams, Lotions

Creams, Lotions

  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area / BEAUTY exclusive (without direct sales)
  • 01.01  Skincare
  • 01.01.03  Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments
  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area / BEAUTY exclusive (without direct sales)
  • 01.03  Apparative cosmetics
  • 01.03.03  Products for apparative cosmetics

Products for apparative cosmetics

Our products

Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

new premium care

respect age - premium care for timelessly beautiful skin

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Product category: Cleaning, Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

Shower Mousse

A refreshing and invigorating Shower Mousse with an algae extract gives the skin vitality while cleansing deep into the pores. Hyaluronic acid provides an extra kick of freshness. Sugar-based surfactants cleanse more gently and naturally. Of course, without parabens, silicones and free of microplastics.

Suitable for all skin types.

Available in fragrances: Coconut and Almond Honey

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

Massage oil Premium

The pure, luxurious oils of Massage Oil Premium is excellent for massage. Especially applicable also as anti-aging massage oil for face and neck area.

Suitable for all dry and mature skin conditions.

Main active ingredients
Pure rice germ oil, pure jojoba oil, pure pomegranate seed oil, squalane and pure kukui nut oil.

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

Peelings Natural Exfoliator 30ml

Natural Exfoliator is a light peeling preparation based on natural fruit acids for daily use. The soft fruit acid combination gently dissolves the uppermost skin flakes and refines the skin texture with lasting effect. The skin appears fresher and more radiant and is optimally prepared for the supply of active ingredients. Small irregularities are evened out and the skin is given freshness and radiance.

The main active ingredients are a pure fruit acid combination of passion fruit, lemons, grapes and pineapple.

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

Derma4Men Intensive Face Tonic 60ml

Intensive Face Tonic
Intensive Face Tonic is a vitality spray that is ideal for use after shaving. It instantly refreshes and conditions the skin.
Skin is soothed and nourished at the same time.

Main active ingredients
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, madecassoside, beta glucan, panthenol, neutrazene and Caresoft™

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

proLIFT FRF 2.0

proLIFT FRF is a modern form of radiofrequency on fractional basis (thermal heat).

This means that our matrix probes create a thermal effect that affects the dermis cells at a depth of 2 to 7 mm by means of heat to produce collagen fibers.

In this way, contracted collagen in the body is broken down and stimulated to produce new collagen by the thermal heat of up to 42°degrees. This process is called spiralization.

Continuous application using fractional radiofrequency is useful to achieve the increase of the thickness and density of collagen in the dermis in a long-term way.

The results are:
- A long-term firm skin
- Alleviation of wrinkles and lines
- Padding of the skin
- A plumper and visibly fresher skin texture

The modern probes produce noticeable and visible results in a short time. Continuous applications complement the result: the skin is plumped up, the entire complexion appears fresher and more vital. Different probes achieve strong regeneration processes in the skin with high precision.

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments


We provide the very special GLOW effect:
Our Hydra Balance technology or so called Aquabrasion is an advanced and modern technology that sets new standards and comfort for microdermabrasion applications.

Our innovative Hydra Balance technology combines efficiency and effectiveness of conventional microdermabrasion peels with deep penetration of ultra-hydrating fluids. Our unique HYDRAcare system, with its gentle HYDRA POTS, provides an efficient and new service in skin care.

The so-called complex HYDRAabrasions technology based on water and hyaluron combines highly active ingredients.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the results are:
- Pore-deep cleansing
- Even skin
- Hornifications are gently dissolved
- The skin is immediately refreshed and vitalized
- Anti-aging in its most beautiful form

Finally, the skin receives a pure and profound Oxygen Spray Therapy that leaves nothing to be desired.
Completely tailored to the individual skin type.

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Product category: Cleaning


Acid peelings for your institute

A peeling can provide that certain "glow" on the skin. Dull skin regains freshness and vitality. Acid peels can rid the skin of excess sebum, debris and dandruff. This is because our skin renews itself every 28 days, with renewal taking longer as we age. This means cells migrate upward and remaining cells stick to the surface. These are then fine flakes that give the skin a bland gray shimmer.

The advantages of acid peeling
But an intensive peel can do so much more. The results speak for themselves. The effect is significantly improved skin texture. Even if cosmetic or even medical devices are used, an intensive peeling can excellently prepare the skin for an apparative application. However, training in the use of such acids is essential for professionals. Deep peels show significant results in combination with needling systems, cold light laser, radio frequency, oxygen systems, oxygen treatments or aquabrasion.

Glycolic acids dissolve stronger cornifications and are suitable for sun-damaged as well as impure skin. Our Ivory peeling can counteract pigment shifts and protect them from reappearance, the Salicyl peeling is an anti-aging weapon and can help acne-prone skin, and our Fine Line 2 acid is a soft variant that can reduce fine lines around lips and eyes.

The results for your clients
Significantly better penetration of active ingredients can be achieved by using the acids, the results are:

  • New skin cells appear more quickly on the surface.
  • The overall skin appearance looks significantly fresher and more youthful.
  • Irregular skin thickenings are removed.
  • Epidermal wrinkle depth can be reduced.
  • Clogged pores are unblocked and can heal.
  • Blemished skin can be effectively improved.

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Product category: Serum, Masks, Oils, Booster, Treatments

Body Cream

Body Cream by dermaceutical is an exclusive and rich body cream, especially suitable for extremely dry and low-fat skin. Exclusive oils such as jojoba oil, swualan, shea butter and kukui nut oil provide a luxurious skin feeling and make the application a unique skin experience. Naturally paraben and kerosene free. Contains no allergenic fragrances.

Suitable for all rather dry and low-fat skin types.

Main active ingredients
Jojoba oil, squalane, shea butter, kukui nut oil
Vitamin C: an important anti-oxidant that can significantly bind free radicals

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Product category: Products for apparative cosmetics

Hair Grow Elixir 50ml

Hair Grow Elixir - A special serum for thin and weak hair. Excellent active ingredients provide stimulation of the hair root and reactivate the root at the same time. The regeneration of the hair follicle is sustainably supported, the reprogramming of the hair bulb is enabled. Pantothenic acid also provides wound healing for sensitive scalps. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply and provides cell regeneration.

Suitable especially for thin and thinning hair.

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Product category: Products for apparative cosmetics

Curagenol serum

Curagenol Serum is a high tech serum for immediate inhibition of inflammatory processes in the skin as well as calming reddened areas. Madecassoside (high dose), derived from a subtropical plant, is an excellent active ingredient for wound healing. Active ingredient studies have shown that by inhibiting inflammatory messengers, problematic skin such as psoriasis can be demonstrably reduced. Spirulina Glycerin Extract, extracted from the algae, also has immune-boosting and detoxifying properties. High-dose Panthenol immediately soothes the skin in an ideal way. Our 5-fold hyaluronic acid base provides deep hydration to the skin.

Curagenol helps the delicate, irritated and sensitive skin. The result is a soothed taint, sensitive or delicate skin will recover, redness will be reduced.

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About us

Company portrait

Dermaceutical loves beautiful skin and respects nature

In the world of dermaceutical beauty, skin compatibility is a top priority. Dermaceutical uses documented active ingredients that are considered true wonder weapons, not only with regard to anti-aging issues. Dermaceutical care products work on the borderline of medicine. The dermaceutical pillars of beautiful skin are DMS cream base, efficient acid peels and our in-house hyaluronic acid combination.

Our Green Ingedient thought means no silicones, parabens, kerosenes, mineral oils, allergenic fragrances, microplastics and we are preservative-free. All formulas are produced in an almost climate-neutral way in our own laboratory - made in Germany. They are skin-identical, highly dosed and promote a healthy skin appearance.

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