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2L Bio Co., Ltd.

101-ho Ga-dong, Incheon Techpia, 17, Geobuk-ro, Seo-gu, 22793 Incheon
Korea, Republic
Telephone +82 32 5732101
Fax +82 32 5732102

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Jonathan Roh

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area without direct sales
  • 01.01  Skincare
  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area without direct sales
  • 01.03  Bodycare


  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area without direct sales
  • 01.08  Medical cosmetics

Our products

Product category: Medical cosmetics

PLLA, PDO, PLCL suture with needle

The manufacturer's brand, LUNA Q, has its competitiveness with production technology.
2L Bio has obtained some patents on its production equipment.

Features by Types of lifting thread(LUNA Q)

1. PDO
 - Initial robustness and elongation
 - Soft surface and smooth insertion
 - Easy to manufacture

 - Prompt lifting and wrinkle free effect
 - Lasting longer effect for 18 month
 - More Highly lifting effect
- Shaping up new lift threads market

 - PLLA and PCL combines into formation of PLCL
 - Advantage of same effect of PLLA and PCL
 - Lasting lifting effect over 1 year
 - A Luxury product among lifting threads

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Product category: Skincare

Oligo Perfect Serum

JUS Oligo Perfect Serum
A strong moisturizing sensation right after touching the skin

1. Moisture & Nutrition
  •   High enriched marine mineral ingredient of Phyto - Oligo combine with natural organic compounds help to provide moisture and nourishment to parched and dry skin.
2. Powerful moisturizing from the inside
  • Healthy and glossy skin completeness by forming a moisturizing barrier with strong moisture that does not break down even in cold wind and heaters
3. Refreshing without being sticky
  • Light and moist texture that can be easily absorbed into the skin and used easily.
4. Real glow skin
  • Naturally derived botanical extract that moisturizes skin for a long time.

Contains 8 naturally occurring vegetable extracts
  • Basil extract
  • Grapefruit extract
  • Plate flower extract
  • Human vines flower extracts
  • Lotus root extract
  • Alce vera leaf
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract
  • Dopscprea Japonica root

JUS Oligo Perfect Serum contains plant-derived natural extracts in the rich nutrients of the ocean to help maintain moisturizing and protect skin for a beautiful and ideal skin condition.

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Product category: Medical cosmetics

Contour Injection

Line of Beautiful - Secret Rose

Create beautiful line with nature and stability of patented technology

Difference in technology
 - Other company's products can cause some side effects like severe body aches, headache, chills, heart palpitations,
    cold sweat, cold symptoms, hand shaking, fozen cramp.
    In some ways, these side effects are a natural and common phenomenon of fat decomposition.
    However, in position of patient who is undergone treatment, it is unpleasant, uncomfort - able and painful, which       
    leads to the decline of product reliability.
    Hence, the next procedure is accordingly rejected.
    On the other hand, our product rarely has those side effects after treatment.

Secret Rose Face / Body Slimming Injection
- it is an injection procedure that directly injects a product having a safe and excellent effect on lipolysis into a desired area. Quick and easy calibration.

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Product category: Medical cosmetics

Secret Rose Filler

Secret Rose Product Line
●Secret Rose Implant with lidocaine
●Secret Rose Shape with lidocaine
●Secret Rose Deep with lidocaine
●Secret Rose Fine with Lidocaine
- Secret Rose implant with lidocaine is recommended to be used for the correction of deep depressions of the face via deep dermis to subcutaneous injection.

Secret Rose its main characteristics
● is manufactured using a dialysis technology
● is of non-animal origin and does not require any skin test prior to use
● is made of pure cross-linked hyaluronic acid and is especially stabilized
● offers an improved visco-elasticity and flow characteristics
● allows natural-looking and lasting results
● is a medical device and offered in a set of ready-to-use syringe o cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Secret Rose a safe and effective product
 -Secret Rose is a sterilized medical device.
 It is manu factured in Korea and perform to very strict quality controls matching the requirments of Korea and international standards.
 Secret Rose is non-animal based, cross-linked Hyaluronic acid using BDDE for linking agent.
 The products contains less than endotoxin of other companies and no BDDE residue detected by our unique dialysis technology.

Secret Rise Treatment
- Secret Rose products contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler and is offered in a set of 1.1mL pre-filled sterile
disposable syringe and needles.
  The treatment is easy and quick. Extraordinary visco-elasticity and due to use of thin provided needles, the injections are precise, simple and almost painless. 
   With Secret Rose products, optimal volume effect is easy to obtain, with less quantity to be injected.

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About us

Company portrait

2L Bio Co., Ltd.

October, 2015

Phd. Kyeong-Ro, Lee

R&D, Production, and sales for Cosmetic & Medical devices

101-ho Ga-dong, Incheon Techpia, 17, Geobuk-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Email :
Tel : +82-32-573-2101
Fax : +82-32-573-2102


Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Number of employees 1-19

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