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Dec 27, 2018

Love Call continues in European Market for Jeju Natural Cosmetics Company Aroma Yong

Love call for exports of 3 types of Aroma Therapy Mask made by professional aroma therapists with natural ingredients and materials grown on Jeju Island continues. 

Even before its official product launch, Aroma Yong has focused on overseas market sales for three years, which has led to visible results this year including the entry into foreign markets starting from Switzerland to Russia. It also exported products to the online market in Poland, which is one of Europe's largest K-beauty markets and signed contract with Poland's ADM COSME (WOW COSME) which has established sales network for K-beauty products across Europe through beauty salons, clinics, drug stores, hypermarkets, SEPHORA and DOUGLAS.

To this end, Aroma Yong has took a step forward in reaching out to the European market, and its further leap forward as a K-beauty company within Europe looks promising as it is negotiating exports with other European countries.

Journalist Kang Seok-oh .

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Dec 26, 2018

Aroma yong gains public favor at Hong Kong Cosmoprof one of the top3 world beauty fairs

“The fragrance of Aroma Yong makes you drop by the booth naturally.”
Aroma Yong Co., Ltd., a cosmetic brand based on the organic raw materials of Jeju and natural aromatherapy, has participated in ‘2018 Hong Kong Cosmoprof Asia Beauty Fair’ held from Nov. 14 to Nov. 16 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.
Hong Kong Cosmoprof is one of the TOP 3 world beauty fairs and the largest trade exhibition in Asia participated in by more than 3,000 companies from 50 countries and over 80,000 buyers, consultants and experts in academic circles. This year, more than 600 Korean companies have participated in the fair.
Aroma Yong introduced the 3 kinds of aromatherapy masks being exported to the global market including the U.S., Europe, Canada, China and Japan furnishing ribbons, sample fragrance testers, diffusers, etc. for the experience of the natural aromatic herbal scent contained in the aromatherapy masks. Buyers and concerned people in the beauty industry dropped by the booth being attracted naturally by the delicate fragrance. The company is promptly responding to the inquiries for exports made by more than 120 companies which had business meetings for the 3 days during the fair.  
In addition, the skin care products of Rose Otto Revival Cream and Frankincense Q10 Oil were opened before their release to the market earning favorable reviews from buyers and receiving proposals for export from buyers of many countries raising expectations for the performance after Hong Kong Cosmoprof.   
Yong Sun Hee, representative of Aroma Yong Co., Ltd., expresses her wishes saying, “I am glad that the aromatherapy masks of Aroma Yong was acknowledged on the global stage. Expecting that the skin care products which will be released soon can be exported to the world market, too, I will keep research, development and production of pure aromatherapy-based products made with organic raw materials containing the nature of Jeju.”

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About us

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The secret to natural health and well-being

I would like to share my experience of being deeply fascinated by the efficacy of aroma oil. While doing ballet overseas, I was very concerned about my extremely sensitive and dry skin. And I started using the cosmetics with good ingredients and aroma oils that one of the local people introduced to me. As I was experiencing the amazing effects of natural aroma oil, I became strongly interested in the mysterious and great power of nature offered by essential oils, and started studying about aromatherapy. After a few years, I have started my own business of spa and created my own cosmetics with intense passion and curiosity about the efficacy of natural aroma. Also, I have been eagerly awaiting the day when I can inform people about the health and true beauty of natural aromatic oils, while acting as an international aromatherapist. After such effort and waiting, a life-style aromatherapy brand, Aroma Yong, which is named after my name has been established. Aroma Yong! I invite you to a world full of clean nature and healthy beauty. 

CEO of Aroma Yong 
 Yong Sun-Hee

Provides a healing effect through the ingredients found in nature
Aromatherapy applies essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, fruits, roots, and seeds of medicinal plants to human mind and body. If you inhale the aroma of natural essential oil into your nose, it relaxes your mind and gives comfortable rest. And it is also used for skincare, as the essential oils help recover your damaged skin and make it healthy while being absorbed into the dermis of your skin. Aroma Yong focuses on nature’s great rest and healing effect. If you wish to stop everything for a moment and restore the balance of your body and mind, aromatherapy will be of great help. 

About Aroma Yong
Aroma Yong is a life-style aromatherapy brand containing the amazing natural efficacy
If essential oils are blended, the unique efficacy will be enhanced through the synergistic effects of the molecules that each oil contains. The products of Aroma Yong which contain the top grade natural essential oils blended by the experts provide excellent effects to aromatherapy. The skin, body and living products of Aroma Yong, combined with the secret recipe created by CEO Yong Sunhee , the international aromatherapist, the nature of therapeutic essential oils , and the nature of the clean island, Jeju, provide a truly well-being life. 

 What we believe
We believe in the sincerity of pure and honest nature
Aroma Yong only uses the top class raw materials that are safe to skin and harmless to human body using EWG safety grade ingredients. Aroma Yong is a natural brand which contains the efficacy of nature and sincerity, combined with the organic raw materials of Jeju island, a place full of clean nature and energy, and natural essential oils honestly extracted from there. Aroma Yong sincerely brings you the pure beauty of wonderful nature.

Secret to natural beauty
The pure nature creates natural beauty.
High quality therapeutic essential oils deeply work inside our body and mind to create natural beauty. Aroma Yong still endeavors to continue researching to solve the secrets of the essential power and healing effects of the essential oils on our skin, body, and spirit.


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