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Product categories

  • 01  Cosmetics ordering area without direct sales
  • 01.04  Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

  • 04  Chiropody
  • 04.02  Pedicure apparatus
  • 05  Nail
  • 05.01  Nail design

Nail design

  • 05  Nail
  • 05.02  Manicure

Our products

Product category: Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings, Pedicure apparatus


The Podiavac cap is a very silent, powerful and compact vacuum device with an integrated suction system and brushless, low-maintenance high-quality NSK micro-motors. The device has two large and easy to use control knobs for adjusting the speed and suction. In addition, the device has a large dis- play for the speed and an easy to clean smooth surface. This provides the best conditions for hygienic and painless treatment.

  • Max. noise level 49 dB(A)
  • Max. suction power: 200 l/min 
  • Brushless suction motor
  • Suction power adjustable
  • Weight: 2,7 kg
  • Electrical power consommation: max. 90 W
  • Choice of 2 motor versions; speed adjustable from 6,000 to 30,000 rpm or 6,000 to 40,000 rpm;
  • Speed adjustment;
  • Speed display;
  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation;
  • Brushless micro-motor;
  • Foot switch connection possibility;
  • Dimensions:
    height 18.4 cm,
    width 27.3 cm,
    depth 19.5 cm. 

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Product category: Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings, Pedicure apparatus, Manicure


An efficient, compact and portable spray device with a hygienic, high-professional, highquality, powerful, compact brushless NSK micro-motor handpiece with an annular LED lighting for illuminating the work area. The device has a hygienic and easy to clean touch panel with an LCD-Display and a fine adjustable Spray. This provides the best preconditions for hygienic and painless treatment.

  • Powerful compact brushless motor;
  • Speed adjustable from 8,000 to 40,000 rpm;
  • LCD-Display for speed and spray;
  • 2 user-programmable memories available to store the motor speed;
  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation;
  • Annular LED lighting for illuminating the work area;
  • Separate on/off-switching of the spray function;
  • Iindividual spray adjustment;
  • Integral handpiece holder on the side of the device;
  • Foot switch connection possibility;
  • Water tank with a capacity of 250 ml;
  • Dimensions:
    height 19 cm,
    depth 21.5 cm,
    width 28 cm,
    weight: 4.3 kg. 

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Product category: Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings, Pedicure apparatus, Manicure


NSK suction handpieces were designed and developed to be easily handled, have a balanced equi- librium, powerful brushless micro-motor and be simple to clean. The plastic handpiece sleeve, with ergonomic handle pads, can be easily removed and therefore, this ensures and guarantees quick cleaning and disinfection of the entire handpiece. This unique technical solution revolutionises hygie- nic conditions for suction handpieces to the benefit of the patient and podiatrist. The handpiece is vibration-free, due to the innovative mounting of the micro-motor within the handpiece resulting in maximum comfort for the Podiatrist.

NSK suction handpieces have a quiet, high-performance brushless micro-motor. They have high torque, even at a low rotation speed, allowing the podiatrist to work at a fast pace despite using low rotation speeds. The obvious advantage of brushless motors is that you avoid the regular maintenance costs associated with replacing the brushes. By using NSK dental high quality materials and technology, the suction handpieces meet the highest performance and quality requirements. 

  • Handpiece sleeves which can be easily removed and quickly cleaned;
  • Ergonomic handle pads;
  • Automatic clamping system;
  • 1 : 1 direct drive;
  • Maximum speed 30.000 min;
  • Quiet, powerful brushless micro-motor;
  • For burs (Ø 2.35).  

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Company details

Technologies for medical and wellness applications
The NWT GmbH is one of the leading manufacturer of podology equipment worldwide. NWT GmbH produces footcare technology for many renowned companies worldwide not only under its own label but also as OEM manufacturer.
The NWT GmbH was founded in 2006 as joint venture between the NAKANISHI INC. (Japan) and one of the leading European manufacturers in the sector of footcare technology. Both partners have brought in their outstanding strengths in the joint venture and thus have been developing, producing and distributing innovative technology for dental, podology, nails, cosmetics and wellness with long-year experience.

Manufactured in Germany our products fulfill the highest requirements of professional users. Our high quality requirements document among others the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 as medical device manufacturer.

At the German location Taucha it develops, produces and distributes podology equipments with a competent team worldwide.
  • high quality handpieces with technology from the dental market which has been proven millions of times
  • innovative wet technique handpieces
  • unique suction / vacuum handpieces
  • functional and ergonomic wet technique devices
  • high-performance and quiet suction devices for podology and nail
  • OEM-production of spray and vacuum devices
  • own development division for a quick realization of customer requirements
  • manufacturing of customer-specific practical units
  • design, development, production and after-sales service from one source
  • medical device manufacturer

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