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  • 02  Direct sales area - Cosmetics direct
  • 02.01  Skincare
  • 02  Direct sales area - Cosmetics direct
  • 02.04  Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

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Our products

Product category: Skincare

Caviar Ice Balm

Cooling body balm with caviar
Limited edition, cooling body balm with caviar of a beautiful scent and light consistency. Due to the numerous active ingredients - Isocell™ Slim, Slim-Excess®, LIPOREDUX - as well as the Wakame seaweed extract, the balm has a slimming effect and reduces fat accumulation in the body trouble spots, like e.g.- buttocks, stomach, and thighs. The result is the enhanced detoxication and slimming processes and the less noticeable, cellulite. The extracts from caviar and algae moisturize and nourish the skin. The product is especially recommended for persons with fragile capillaries and varicose veins as its content of menthol boosts the cooling effect. The fast absorbed formula and the pleasant, fresh scent guarantee a comfortable application.

Apply onto a cleansed skin of the body.

Capacity: 200 ml [Code: 44209]

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Product category: Skincare

Amazonian Dragon's Blood Serum

100% vegan, natural serum with dragon's blood for mature and sensitive skin

100% vegan, natural serum with dragon's blood, that is, with the juice won out of the Croton lechleri tree, recommended for mature and sensitive skin care. The Amazonian dragon's blood has antioxidant and antiaging effects on the skin. In addition, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The extracts from sage, raspberry, jasmine and lavender smooth, moisturize and strengthen the epidermis. The product particularly recommended for the care of mature skin and, due to its intensively soothing action, for regeneration treatment on even the most sensitive skin.

How to use: Massage the content of the ampoule into the cleansed skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Leave to absorb.

Capacity: 5 x 3ml
Code: 22614

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Product category: Skincare

Hyaluron 3D Peeling

Face peel with hyaluronic acid

Mechanical-enzymatic hyaluronic peel with smoothing and moisturizing effect. Papain dissolves intercellular adhesion junctions and pearlite provides mechanical skin cleansing. Hyaluronic acid binds the water particles creating a film on the skin with moisturizing and softening properties. The avocado oil nourishes and provides the skin with an intensive care leaving it smooth and silky soft. The peel is especially recommended for dry, dehydrated and exfoliating skin.

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of peel onto the cleansed and dried skin of the face, neck and cleavage. After 5 minutes carry out the peeling with wet hands and circular movements, then rinse off with water and tonify the skin.

Capacity: 200 ml [Code: 13403]
Capacity: 100 ml [Code: 13404]

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About us

Company details

Clarena was born out of a passion for creating. The person behind the company is Patricia Popławska - its founder, owner and president of the board.
Clarena’s history goes back over 16 years, to when Patricia Popławska opened a beauty store in the centre of Wrocław.

The store stood out from its competition by the merchandise on offer, but also by the approach to selling beauty products. It was the first store in Wrocław to offer in-store beauty counseling services – including a beautician’s help in selecting the right cream for a given skin type, and make-up artists advising on the best choice of the right make-up products.

Towards the late 1990s, Patricia Popławska, being interested in the emerging market of professional beauty products, decided to apply her business model on a larger scale.

Every company is, first and foremost, the people working for it, and it is largely them that its success relies on. This is why CLARENA since its very inception has been keen to seek out professionals highly qualified in their fields to make them part of its vision. By applying reliable and transparent employment rules and practices, and by investing in employees’ professional development, it aims to build seriously motivated and smoothly collaborating working teams.

Due to the commitment and the creativity of its employees, the company consistently succeeds in achieving better financial results and gaining advantage in the ever competitive market.

The qualified employees are involved in the process of product development at its every stage, beginning with the formula development, through its implementation, packing design, sales and marketing. They also willingly share their expertise in the field of cosmetology with the company’s business partners.

At the time being, beauty products and cosmetology treatments devices made by Clarena are already available in a whole number of countries, including Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Holland, and Belarus.

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