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Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

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Product category: Skincare, Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings

Opatra DermiNeck Golden Edition

The Opatra DerniNeck is a uniquely design device that works on smart vibration thechnology to help relaxing the neck line muscles and firming the skin, resulting smoother and silkier skin.
The DermiNeck can be used in the front of the neck and at the back of it as well as shoulders, it has pain relief properties and can be used on pain area for pain relief.

How to Use:
1. Apply any skin care product on the area you wish to treat, prefebly a neck cream or serum.
2. Select the mode you require(red, blue,green) and apply the device on the skin upwards.

Whats in the box:
1 x DermiNeck Device
1 x Cleansing wipe for the device

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Product category: Skincare, Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings


Dermisteam turns water and any other water-based liquid
skin care products into nano-sized particles, this enables the spray to permeate the surface of the skin to hydrate,sooth and nourish deeper skin layers.

A light misting and blotting can revive your tired face or refresh your make-up during the day.

Dermisteam can be used both pre and post make-up application. Locking in the benefits of face mist with a moisturiser provides a perfect canvas on which to apply

Misting the final top powdery layer can help achieve the much sought dew-like complexion and keep your make-up looking fresh all day.

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Product category: Skincare, Skin treatment apparatus, technical devices, cubicle fittings


Gentle sonic massage helps increase circulation to the skin, tightening pores and the underlying structure to diminish the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and cellulite.
  • Helps skin maintain moisture
  • Diminishes pore size
  • Improves efficacy of skincare products
  • Helps even out skin tone and texture and firm up sagging
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness or swelling
How it Works:
The heat settings help increase circulation and drainage and prep the skin to absorb products. The cool settings are designed to smooth out uneven skin texture and coloring and shrink the pores. Sonic vibrations strengthen the effect of both.

Settings and Technology
  • Hot compress (122ºF)
  • Hot compress with sonic vibration
  • Cool compress (46ºF)
  • Cool compress with sonic vibration                                     
  • Stainless steel treatment head
  • Works on the face and body
  • Two settings: continuous or pulse
  • Automatic 2.5-minute timer on all settings
  • Battery life: about 2 hour of continuous use
  • USB rechargeable battery

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At Opatra Advanced Skincare Technologies, we bring together the latest technological leaps and scientific innovations to create potent skincare solutions and dynamic tools that are redefining the beauty industry. As a leading device manufacturer and wholesaler, Opatra recognizes that our remarkable success is a reflection of your happiness with our easy-to-use instruments that help to produce healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. 

Our most recent breakthrough, DERMISONIC, is a revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-repairing device that combines four scientifically-proven treatments—galvanic technology, ultrasound stimulation, LED light therapy, and vibrating massage. Together these treatments work to rejuvenate skin by smoothing out facial wrinkles, tightening facial muscles, boosting blood circulation, and stimulating new skin cell production with one powerful, hand-held tool. 

The combined effects of DERMISONIC are so dramatic that it’s been called a non-surgical facelift. DERMISONIC also helps to clear up acne-prone skin.

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