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Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics

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Product category: Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, Wellness and therapy equipment, Spa Brands

Silky Oaks Contour Wrap

The Silky Oaks® Contour Wrap originates from a therapeutic treatment. Originally used as a natural remedy for liver and kidney patients, the Contour Wrap is increasingly popular in beauty and wellness centres because of its slimming effect.
The Contour Wrap exfoliates and cleanses the skin, detoxifies the body, tightens loose tissue, reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite, and guarantees an excellent and lasting centimetre-loss.   It is not unusual for a client to go down a dress size over a course of treatments.
But the treatment is not just for people who are overweight. Anyone who wants to tone, tighten and detoxify their body can benefit from the treatment.
The bandage technique makes it possible to customise the contouring effect, enhancing the results on problem areas such as thighs, buttocks, tummy and breasts.   The elastic bandages, soaked in the warm sea clay solution, are used to wrap the whole body.
The toxins, accumulated in the skin and the fatty tissue, are drawn out by the clay which acts like a giant poultice.
The wrap is a very comfortable, relaxing experience and after an hour, the bandages are removed.
A shower is not necessary as the clay leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The clay remaining in the pores will in fact continue to work, enhancing the result in the days after the treatment.
The Contour Wrap leaves the body revitalised and detoxified, giving a wonderful sensation of well-being.
The complete treatment takes less than two hours.   The Silky Oaks® Contour Wrap comes with a double guarantee:
a client will lose at least 15 cm over the body measurements with the first Contour Wrap treatment, otherwise the treatment is free of charge.
unless there is a weight gain there should be a centimetre loss of at least 15cm one month after the first treatment, otherwise the client will be wrapped again free of charge.
The Silky Oaks® Contour Wrap is not a weight loss treatment but gives excellent results when combined with a diet and fitness programme.   We recommend a course of three treatments for all clients.
Whether you need more treatments will depend on the centimetre-loss that you require, whether or not you combine the treatment with a diet, how loose the skin is and how stubborn the existing cellulite is.
The firming, slimming effect of the treatment is extremely popular, and it is not unusual for a client to lose a dress size after a course of treatments.
Nonetheless, the health and detoxifying aspects of the treatment remain very important.   Silky Oaks® Contour Wrap:
  • targets the areas of stubborn fat where weight loss is often difficult
  • is a great start for a diet
  • tightens and firms the skin after pregnancy or weight loss
  • is an ideal preparation for vacation or a special occasion
  • is for anyone who wants to look good – fast!!!

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Product category: Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, Wellness and therapy equipment, Spa Brands

Detox+ body firming

Body firming is a "must have" product when you having a SOCW or CM treatment.
Body Firming product, combined with the Silky Oaks Contour Wrap (SOCW) and CM (Clay Mask) treatments, gives a dramatic improvement in cm loss.
Because this combination removes more toxins that you otherwise cannot reach, the result will not only be better but also longer lasting.
This product is part of the premium spa product range, which means it is a 100% natural product, meeting the highest quality standards. With regard to allergies, these products are therefore ideal. This applies of course to all our products.
Detox+ increases your cm loss by more than 50%.   Detox + system is a new patented technique, with second generation antioxidants providing a strong cellular detoxification.
Detox+ increases your cm loss by more than 50%.
This is not just a new product!
Body firming is a "must have" product when you having a SOCW or CM treatment.

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