Permanent BEAUTY Masters

Professional competition - The grand annual event for all PMU artists



Powder Brows

This technology is all about providing eyebrows with a powder-type look. The challenge here is to design a natural, soft shape without fixed contours or a fixed frame. The pigments used are to correspond to the natural color of hair and project the appearance of the healed final result right after pigmentation.


Volume Lips

This category places lips centerstage. Their natural shape is to be followed without surpassing the natural rim of the lips or painting the contour as a visible line. A “lip heart” in the bow is to be created to produce the effect of full lips.


Hair Stroke Brows

This technique is the premier league in micropigmentation. Here, finest hairs are recreated to give eyebrows a full and natural appearance. These little hairs are expected to be clearly visible and in the natural growth direction. Pigmentation with a PMU device is mandatory here – microblading is not permitted.


Shaded Eyeliner

For this technique, a shaded-eyeliner effect is to be produced by lash line thickening. This means that the eyeliner should end gently with its beginning and end, appearing as finest lines. Key here are symmetry and true-to-type form and color. Contestants are expected to achieve a delicate, uniform shading that defines the eyes and gives them depth.


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