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THE ORB: The therapists new best friend

Handheld luxury
Since its launch in February, the ORB from SPAPLIANCE is transforming the salon experience – and you can see why: it can immediately upgrade over 60% of the treatments you currently do, giving your salon an exciting marketing story to tell and attract new business with… it also makes your therapists life easier, your clients experience more luxurious and your bottom line healthier…
‘I wouldn’t be without it!’ claims Wendy O’Hare, of Wendy O’Hare Skincare. ‘The ORB has transformed the way I conduct my treatments – it allows me to concentrate on my clients completely, giving them 100% of my time’. (In fact, Wendy loves her ORB so much, she now has one in each of her treatment rooms and the therapists she employs are equally as effusive about how this gorgeous looking appliance has become their best friend!)
The ORB is a skincare product warmer that is big enough to hold sufficient product for an entire treatment, yet small enough to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. It stylishly sits on a docking station to warm facial and body oils, serums, waxes or muds to the perfect temperature – an indicator light lets you know it’s ready - then you simply take it off the dock, walk around the room, hold it or put it down, but rest-assured it keeps your skincare product at a constant temperature for up to an hour.
Plug it in before your client arrives or while they’re changing and then go about your treatment safe in the knowledge that the application of product is going to be perfect – no need to leave your client while you test temperatures, no need to leave them while you reheat your oils…
The ORB allows you to spend 100% of your time concentrating on the client. Your job is made easier, their treatment made better and they leave the salon feeling thoroughly pampered and, because you have indulged them totally with all your attention, very likely to come back – so spa managers are happy too!