Rada Pro

Start working easyer and more comfortable without pain in the wrist and neck.

The RadaPro Professional Manicure Station is designed for the professional nail technician.
Its unique portable and ergonomic shape helps to reduce wrist and neck strain for the nail technician while allowing the client to relax their hands in a comfortable position.

The hand support provides comfortable and stable support for you and your client throughout the manicure. The soft terry cloth slip-cover, are machine washable and made from 100 percent cotton.

The polish holder attachment holds a variety of bottle shapes and sizes and provides hands free access to your polish. You can also tilt the polish holder to the perfect angle for every bottle.

The soaking bowl is insulated to keep water warm throughout the manicure. It can also be swiveled for either hand and is easily detached for cleaning.

With its efficient and time saving design the radapro professional manicure station will help increase your client load without sacrificing comfort for you or your clients.