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Press release


Pacific Reflexion - Buli Leka Face and Décolleté Massage with Exotic Shells

Our face is a reflection of our inner life and therefore is of utmost importance. Gentle touches applied to the face, together with scents of the Pacific, allows one to drift into a world of care and nurturing, to awake the senses and let the energies flow.

In conjunction with the Beauty International Fair 2010, Pacific Spirit introduces this new beauty concept. The face and décolleté massage with Buli Leka shells offers the user an extraordinary program of music, scents, energy and fantasy, which will be experienced by the customer as a present which can be taken home.

Central massage element is the Buli Leka shell, a wonderful source of vitality, which is used in the energetic massage, based on the Yin and Yang equilibrium in the face.
Each section of the face will be anointed with coconut oil and activated with the shell. The blood circulation will be boosted, which will lead to an all over sense of wellbeing. A heart shaped shell adds a tender element of the heart to the total massage experience. A convenient starter set and step-by-step guide makes it easy to begin.

This new massage will be presented on the Beauty International Fair 2010 in Düsseldorf. Questions will be answered by Birgit Matanisiga.