Microplane International

New high-tech foot file against tough calluses - Microplane® sets a new standard in removal of tough calluses

Microplane Foot File

People take around 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day and spend at least 3 hours on their feet. If the feet are strained too much or people wear ill-fitting shoes, calluses are likely to appear. Not only do tough calluses cause pressure pain, but also create aesthetical problems.

With foot health awareness at the forefront of the company’s objectives- the US-American company Microplane® Personal Care developed a special high-tech foot file. The secret of this innovative foot care product lies in the US-patented “photo-etching” technology used in the manufacturing process. The Microplane® foot care tools are designed using surgical grade stainless steel that ensures the highest of quality as well as a safe filing surface to effectively remove dry skin and reveal the smoother, softer skin hiding underneath.

The foot file was designed to work best on moisture-free skin; there is no need for pre-soaking or scrub lotion. This enables users to locate dry skin and calluses much easier. Gently move the Microplane® Foot File back and forth across rough areas of the feet, adding slightly more pressure as needed to smooth away dry skin and calluses. Skin particles are captured in a special top cover. Calluses disappear quickly and new, smooth skin surfaces.
After the treatment the foot file can be cleaned easily by rinsing under flowing water. A snap-on cover protects the blades and is perfect for travel and storage.

With this unique foot file Microplane® sets new standards in removal of tough calluses.

The Microplane® foot file – already a success in the USA– will soon be available in selected stores and beauty salons across UK. For now, it can be ordered directly through Microplane® International’s web site: The retail price is 26.95€.