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Natural beauty through soul care

New relaxation technology is an effective addition to beauty and anti-aging treatments in cosmetic parlours and beauty farms. It activates beauty potential from the inside and can strengthen self-confidence. At the Beauty International in Düsseldorf, 9 to 12 March 2012, brainLight offers comforting relaxation experiences and presents their new 3D-Shiatsu Massage Chair FLOAT as well as the audio-visual relaxation system Touch Synchro in hall 9, stand G48.

The brainLight products work in a combination of light, sound and massage. With closed eyes, visualisation glasses and headphones, you can see beautiful colours and images in front of your inner eyes. Before and after the audio-visual relaxation, a Shiatsu-Massage Chair facilitates physical relief. This can be integrated as part or preparation of a beauty treatment, letting users experience a long-lasting feeling of happiness and a sense of livening up in their bodies. More self-confidence in everyday life and a charismatic and relaxed outer appearance are the result. The products can also have a more direct impact: Since the skin is the mirror of our soul – impurities and wrinkles are often signs of feeling burned-out - stress releasing programs counteract these effects at the touch of a button.

The brainLight-Systems exhibited at the Beauty International are partially equipped with crucial new functions, offering a more comforting relaxation experience. Exclusive spine stretch and 3D-massage techniques convey the feeling of floating above the ground. In combination with the audio-visual system, users can let go, relax, gain new energy and find their inner balance. Independent studies have also confirmed an enhancement of cognitive performance and the regulation of sleeping disorders and depression.

brainLight GmbH has developed and distributed relaxation technology since 1988 and is the European market leader in this area. Moreover, the company organizes seminars, trains mental coaches, launches relaxation studios and produces recordings. At numerous trade shows, congresses and business events brainLight offers wellness lounges, where visitors and exhibitors can relax.

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