Nora Bode® Kosmetik

NEW by NORA BODE: INTACT- Natural Lipofilling without Needle!

Slimmer women are the first to show the signs over the years when the subcutaneous adipose tissue degenerates and this causes a decisive change to the face’s form and expression. The lips lose their volume, the face seems to become smaller and bonier and the contours begin to sag. It is simply the plumpness missing which makes the skin appear tight and smooth.

INTACT is the new care concept by NORA BODE which acts like a natural lipofilling. A special plant ingredient approved in Ayurvedic medicine over hundreds of years is able to stimulate the synthesis of lipids in the deep layers of the skin and increases their storage in the adipocytes there. That means that they are enlarged and push up the skin from inside out- a natural and revolutionary way of wrinkle filling without needles.

In combination with cell protecting stem cells, peptides and hyaluronic acid to give us a new convincing concept for a younger looking appearance.