Innovation in practice

HYAMATRIX® - innovation in the practice!

The HYAMATRIX® cosmetics with hyaluronic acid are preparations of original bioactive compounds produced on the basis of the nanostructured biopolymers of the hyaluronic acid, as well as the matrix peptides of HYAMATRIX®.

The professional HYAMATRIX® products are able to fight against the ageing for their new formula. They are able to decrease the biological age of the skin! And no injection is required!
You do not have to be afraid of the pigmentation!


What is the innovation?

The presence of two high quality components, such as the destructed hyaluronic acid and the matrix peptide complex.
The molecules of the destructed hyaluronic acid are fairly small (40 kDA!) that’s why they are able to permeate into the deeper layers of the skin. It supplies the lack of the hyaluronic acid in the intercellular matrix and promotes the formation of the steady matrix frame. The matrix peptide blocks the synthesis of hyaluronidase by arranging and restructuring the hyaluronic acid permeated into the epidermal layer into macro-molecules! It provides optimal conditions for the physiological division of cells and the renewal of the skin!

The hyaluronic acid is able to remain in the intercellular matrix longer than anything else!

Hyamatrix offers professional cosmetic products and anti-ageing products for home application providing effective solutions to stop the ageing processes and renew the skin without injections!