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Exfoliation for Foot without Filing and Scrabing

Before/After Baby Foot

Baby Foot: No filing, no scrubbing

Most people want to take care of their feet. We compromise the health of our feet the quality of our lives just by doing everyday things, like standing too long, wearing uncomfortable shoews, as well as playing soports.

- What happens when dead skin cells are formed?

Normally, the new skin cells are produced one after another, pushing the old cells up to the surface. This turnover process takes about 28 days and the old skin peels off as dandruff. But if the feet are under pressure with excessive stimulation or they are overworked, more of the dead skin cells accumulate, making the skin unable to completes its turnover process.

FACT: As a result, the skin on the sole of your feet becomes hard, dry rough and cracked. The more the dead skin cells build up, the more issues you can have like bad odor and poor blood circulation. Therefore, it is important to remove the dead skin cells periodically to keep your feet healthy.

- How can we take away ecess layers of dead skin cells?

Common ways to remove the dead skin cells are by using foot file or a pumice stone which can take away some dead skin cells instantly. If parts of the surface of your sole will be damaged by filing, resulting in dry and cracked soles.

FACT: The friction caused by scraping the dead skin cells creates a vicious sprial of accumulating more and more dead skin cells + it could take away too much of the layers.

The solution is Baby Foot: No filing, no scrubbing