Whitening care for hands - Whitening Treatment

Age spots appear over time, especially on the hands. Age spots are a type of pigment spots that preferentially appear on skin areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. For the treatment of UV-induced hyperpigmentation, Thuya has developed the Whitening Treatment.

Thuya Whitening

The hand care range specializes in treating age spots, sun damage and other pigmentation marks to create an even, radiant complexion. To do so, it relies on the brightening superpowers of Niacinamide and Ayurvedic Stoneweed.

Luxurious manicure experience for an even complexion with glow effect

The Whitening Treatment pampering program consists of a peeling, mask and emulsion. After the soothing manicure treatment, the skin is not only caressingly soft, but also radiantly beautiful!

Thuya Whitening - brightening, rejuvenating, balancing.

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