Skin Rejuvenating Care for Hands - Anti-Aging Treatment

Hands often reveal the true age of a person. To actively combat this, the anti-aging treatment from Thuya's hand care range is perfect. The manicure and pedicure products of the Spanish brand combine intensive active care and a relaxing feel-good factor.

Thuya Anti-Aging

The active ingredient superhero of the anti-aging series is Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu extract. Wu-Zhu-Yu extract activates and stimulates cell regeneration, promotes collagen formation and thus improves the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, its anti-inflammatory properties soothe sensitive skin, have an antioxidant effect and lighten pigmentation spots.

Luxury pampering program against the signs of time

The set consisting of peeling, concentrate and hand cream actively counteracts skin aging while providing a luxurious moment of relaxation and recuperation.

Thuya anti-aging - brightening, firming, antioxidant.

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