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Premiere on Beauty Fair Düsseldorf 2023: SHR Germany Presents Its Products in Cooperation with Five New Cooperation Partners!

Gain insights into different areas of the glamourous beauty world and get ready for revolutionary product innovations developed by our 5 new cooperation partners.

Dermastir – Skin Care for a Radiant, Fresh Skin Complexion
Dermastir products considerably decelerate the skin aging process. These high-quality skin care products effectively combat signs of aging and give your skin tonicity and radiance thanks to their tightening and regenerating properties. Dermastir gets you “red carpet ready”.
Mavex – Highly Effective and Innovative Treatments
Carefully selected medicinal herbs, delicate essential oils and soothing plants gathered from the Swiss Alps – Mavex, a traditional brand, transforms skin care into a sensual experience. This brand offers exquisite skin and body care products, high-quality hand and foot creams and a brand-new detox product line called “La Perla Nera”. Mavex is a declaration of love for your skin and the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Thalissi – Body Care through the Force of Nature
Thalissi pampers you with first-class natural cosmetics that make your inner beauty shine on the outside. Your body receives soothing care from refined essences, hand-picked plant & sea extracts and relaxing thermal water while your mind is sent on an unforgettable, sensual journey by marvelously fragrant aromas.

COCOcera – Professional Waxing Products for Sensitive Skin
COCOcera makes your desire of hairlessness come true by offering premium waxing and epilating products. Gentle hair removal with long-lasting results is made possible by COCOcera’s cleansing sprays, nourishing waxes and soothing lotions. Enjoy the feeling of immaculate, silky-smooth skin.

Swiss Color – For More Color in Life
The name says it all: Swiss Color offers high-quality pigments for your microblading treatments, derma needling and permanent makeup. The products originate from responsible manufacturing that has proven its success for 20 years. The materials and ingredients used in the manufacturing process produce pigments with a good skin compatibility and strong luminosity.

Let yourself be enchanted by the high-quality products offered by SHR Germany and its cooperation partners. You can find us in Hall 11 Booth 16. We are looking forward to welcoming you there!

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