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Premiere at Beauty Düsseldorf: Dermastir Offers Skin Care Rituals in a Class of Their Own

Dermastir's luxurious products intensively address various signs of aging and improve the skin's appearance. With peelings, serums, treatments and masks the skin is supplied with strengthening nutrients, smoothed and given a youthful, fresh appearance.
This year at Beauty Düsseldorf, you can see for yourself the effects of Dermastir products!

Ampoules, Droppers, Serums
The high-quality formulas of Dermastir serums provide the skin with important nutrients and vitamins that give your skin a healthy glow and strengthen it. Dermastir also offers growth-boosting serums that nurish eyelashes and eyebrows.

Creams for day and night
With sun protection factor or rather without? Tinted or colorless? Dermastir offers a range of different day and night creams with or without tint, which moisturize the skin and protect it from harmful environmental influences. In addition, thanks to the effective anti-aging formula, the skin is smoothed and facial contours are defined.

Masks for face, neck and breast area
Especially after stressful beauty treatments or surgeries, the skin is stressed and irritated. To soothe it and support healing, Dermastir has developed masks not only for the face, but also for the neck and breast area. Of course, the masks can also be incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

Have you become curious? Then visit us at Beauty Düsseldorf and get a first impression!

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