We would like to share with our esteemed customer the news about the products range which we would like to display & which surely will be your area of interest on the Beauty Dusseldorf, Germany.

1.       The products range display includes about 20 very new & our own handle design of Pushers, Mixing Spatulas, black head removers, etc.

2.       It includes about 6 design of Double joint heavy pattern nail cutters, which is becoming our new specialty with extra sharpness & thin point along with several surface coating options to enhance the beauty of the product.

3.       It includes about 6 design of Nail Cuticle nippers, side Cutters & single joint nail cutters.

4.       It includes about 6 beautiful design of pure leather smart nail care kits.

5.       It includes about 13 beautiful design of eyelash range tweezers & magic wand tweezers used in nail care.

6.       It includes about 20 beautiful design of extra sharp, pin pointed & premium quality nail & cuticle scissors.

The thing which is common is all these products is their extra sharpness, point & care for the finish which includes titanium, gold plating, paint & several other finish options, in short a premium quality products.

We hope you’ll surely try to reach the stall to get these amazing products

Exhibitor Data Sheet