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New at Beauty Düsseldorf: Excellent Care from Head to Toe with Mavex

From serums for the face to cleansing masks for the body and nourishing creams for the feet, the Swiss company Mavex offers soothing care products and accessories for the whole body. This year, you can experience their products up close at Beauty Düsseldorf – you don't want to miss out on this!

Detoxify and cleanse
Mavex detoxifying products don't just have a cleansing effect on the skin. They thoroughly remove pollution such as smog, fine dust, smoke and toxins, and thus have a detoxifying, deep-acting effect that significantly improves the skin's appearance.

Goodbye to calluses
With the callus scraper from Mavex, feet are gently freed from calluses and become silky soft again. The callus remover stickers can be easily replaced and thus ensure hygienic treatments. Afterwards, soothing creams provide the skin with nourishing nutrients and moisture.
Masks for face and body
Many brands impress with their face masks, but Mavex does not limit itself to face masks. With its activated charcoal body masks, the Swiss brand provides care from head to toe.

Visit us in and see for yourself!

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