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NEW: balance - the probiotic care for stressed skin

The skin surface is coated with a film consisting of billions of microorganisms that form the natural skin flora and are decisively important to skin health. This so-called skin microbiome consists of bacteria, fungi and viruses.  A healthy microbiome has a balanced ratio of a large variety of microorganisms that support an intact skin barrier. External influences such as frequent washing, dry heating air and unsuitable care products can impair the balance of the skin flora. The skin tends to become dry, red with a feeling of tension and may react more sensitively to external influences. Regular care with GEHWOL and GERLASAN balance products with only three active ingredients supports the skin barrier and protects the skin. Probiotic care starts to work before skin problems can even develop.
The probiotic active substance BIOTILYS® strengthens the natural skin barrier, white tea extract supplies the skin with moisture and sesame oil is a care-booster. GEHWOL balance Foot Cream, GEHWOL balance Leg & Foot Lotion as well as GERLASAN Hand Cream revitalise the skin and care actively for healthy skin. The balance care is vegan, PEG-free and contains no parabens or silicone oils. The products will be available on the German market from March 2020.

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