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NEW at beautylines® Collagen Silk Thread Lifting - Professional Kit

Beautylines® Collagen Silk Thread Lifting

The completely painless treatment with the goal of achieving lasting skin improvement and providing a visible lifting effect.

Silk threads from the Asian region paired with high quality cosmetics from Austria

With the help of the, especially for the
Carefully developed for the silk threads, beautylines® Active Serum
Serum, the valuable ingredients of both products are
Products are encapsulated in small nanosome particles (TDN technology) and thus
particles (TDN technology) and thus have the ability to break down the
pH-value of the skin and penetrate through the intercellular spaces
into the deeper dermis.

A cushion of moisturizing silk proteins is built up.

In addition to wrinkle reduction, the skin becomes more elastic and firm. The skin is perfectly hydrated.

The treatment is not a substitute for Botox, filler or PDO thread lifting in its effect!
However, the perfect alternative for a natural lifting without needle and scalpel, without surgery and without unwanted side effects.

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