Eduard Gerlach GmbH Chemische Fabrik

NEW: Podotherm ATV 65 and UTV 65

The new Podotherm cleaning and disinfection automat from GERLACH TECHNIK handles efficient cleaning and disinfection of larger quantities of instruments, especially in small and mid-sized practices. Starting immediately, Podotherm from FARO is available in two versions – exclusively from GERLACH TECHNIK: Tabletop version ATV 65 and under-table version UTV 65. 
The 65-litre chamber volume ensures rapid and reliable processing without quality losses, with very low consumption. In the Podotherm, two dosing pumps precisely control flow quantities according to actual requirements. Cleaning and neutralization liquids are measured from supply containers exactly and fully automatically. Last but not least, this means that the unit is extremely economical to operate in everyday practice work.
Continuously monitored washing pressure ensures optimal cleaning results. The clear, colourful display and operation via GlasTouch are fast and easy to use. In this way, the Podotherm significantly optimizes your preparation processes.
It fulfils the international DIN-EN-ISO 15883-1/-2 standards for cleaning and disinfection devices.

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