Love Call continues in European Market for Jeju Natural Cosmetics Company Aroma Yong

Love call for exports of 3 types of Aroma Therapy Mask made by professional aroma therapists with natural ingredients and materials grown on Jeju Island continues. 

Even before its official product launch, Aroma Yong has focused on overseas market sales for three years, which has led to visible results this year including the entry into foreign markets starting from Switzerland to Russia. It also exported products to the online market in Poland, which is one of Europe's largest K-beauty markets and signed contract with Poland's ADM COSME (WOW COSME) which has established sales network for K-beauty products across Europe through beauty salons, clinics, drug stores, hypermarkets, SEPHORA and DOUGLAS.

To this end, Aroma Yong has took a step forward in reaching out to the European market, and its further leap forward as a K-beauty company within Europe looks promising as it is negotiating exports with other European countries.

Journalist Kang Seok-oh .

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