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Joining Us for the First Time: Aromatic Cosmetics from Natural Sources Created by Thalissi

Thalissi combines the forces of nature to provide soothing care that balances body and soul and brings the inner radiance to the outside. The Spanish brand offers creams, serums and a wide range of body oils with enchanting aromas. This year, you can get a first impression the products at Beauty Düsseldorf!

Purify with the power of the sea
Sea minerals are a key ingredient in Thalissi's cleansing foams. They gently remove impurities and lend the skin a shimmer of white sea pearls.

Serums with nourishing ingredients from the plant world
With antioxidant properties and smoothing ingredients, the serums give a youthful, fresh complexion and protect the skin from signs of aging and harmful environmental factors.

Skin-tightening essential oils for the body
Valuable ingredients and a wide range of amino acids act as a protective shield and boost blood circulation. Cellulite is reduced and the elasticity of the skin is improved. With the nurturing active ingredients of nature, body shapes are defined and the skin is tightened.

Allow yourself to be pampered by the natural aromas and discover the power of nature in a whole new way!

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