6-phase treatments for luxurious care moments.

Casmara offers exclusive, personalized, professional treatments with the innovative 6-Phase Treatments.

6 concentrated, single doses for immediately visible results

The beauty treatments offer a unique way to target a wide variety of skin needs. For this, the latest dermo-cosmetic trends are consulted. The treatments consist of 6 concentrated, individual doses with a precisely balanced ratio of active ingredients to achieve a better effect and immediately visible results from the first application.

At our booth C10 in Hall 10, you can get to know the Treatments better through product demonstrations and trial treatments.

The Purifying Treatment deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin on all levels.
The Infinity Treatment is an intelligent care that reduces the signs of aging with an extra phase.
The Advanced Nácar Treatment is a clarifying and brightening anti-aging treatment that gives the skin a youthful glow.
The Eye Perfection Treatment is an all-around care for the eye area.
The Q10 Rescue Treatment provides absolute regeneration for the most demanding skin.
The Goji Treatment prevents the signs of aging with its antioxidant effect.
The Skin Sensations Treatment is a revitalizing anti-aging luxury treatment with 24-carat gold.
The RGnerin Treatment works like a Botox treatment, with no injections or side effects.
Age Defense Treatment provides anti-aging action with prebiotics and probiotics.
Ocean Miracle Treatment tightens the skin with the power of the sea.
The Shinestop Treatment regulates sebum production and creates a matte effect.

Discover the variety of the Spanish luxury brand for perfect wellness and anti-aging experiences in hall 10, booth C10!

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