Miss Universe meets BEAUTY

Visitors couldn’t be more beautiful! Exclusive guests at BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF: the finalists of the Miss Universe 2011 contest. The ladies who will be on the stage at the Meeting Point in Hall 10 at Friday, 09 March 2012 from 11:30 hrs, include the current Miss Universe, Leila Lopes from Angola, as well as Andriani Karantoni from Cyprus, Chloe-Beth Morgan from Great Britian and Nadine Alexandra Ames from Indonesia. The make-up team will be the Kryolan Official Cosmetics Team of Miss Universe 2011. After the German Make-up Championship visitors can follow a step-by-step make-up demonstration at the Meeting Point, showing how candidates are prepared for the contest. As well as beautiful women and international make-up artists, there will be quite a few interesting stories at the contest and many professional make-up tips.

The Miss Universe contest, where the most beautiful women in the world are selected, had its première n California in 1952. Since then the contest has been held in numerous vibrant big cities around the globe. The event has been held in Manila, Miami, Bangkok, Panama, Las Vegas, Windhook, Singapore and recently in Sao Paulo – a spectacle that is now followed by millions of fans throughout the world. The latest contest involved participants from 89 countries, ranging from Albania to Vietnam.