The Call Of Beauty – The Beauty Industry Is Booming and Is Getting Together In Düsseldorf

From wellness spas to pedicure institutes – having experienced an increase of 25 percent within the last five years, cosmetic services are deemed the booming branch of industry. In Germany, 2,5 billion Euros are turned around per year by 105.000 employees. The industry event takes place in Düsseldorf every year – this is where the owners of institutes and salons decide what the offers of the future will be in the name of beauty.

Bonnie Strange – colorful as ever

In her life Bonnie Strange has most probably done everything that requires creativity. Fashion design, acting, music, photography, videos – in front and behind the camera.?Now she presented a new nail polish at the Beauty that is as colorful as her life – with a name that could be her motto: Creative Play.

Sophia Wollersheim – Finally time for Beauty again

Two weeks of agony and deprivation, a few pounds less and then only second place - Nonetheless Sophia Wollersheim is somewhat the Jungle-Queen of the hearts. After a decent shower and plenty of rest the brothels-wife is back to her old self. Only a little more famous. At the cosmetics trade fair Beauty in Düsseldorf, she felt completely at home.

Thomas Rath Gets Under Your Skin – New Skin Care By The All-rounder

At the beauty trade fairs TopHair and Beauty only two things are really important: hair and skin – or rather everything that you can get for these two things. But when fashion designer Thomas Rath introduces his skin care line – then it is all about couture, as well. In keeping with the motto: Just because you are beautiful it doesn’t mean you can wear anything.