Sustainable production - Winner of Ethical Style Award 2018 - Manicure, pedicure and cosmetic instruments – Made in Solingen

Special award for
resource-saving production

The family-owned company Becker Solingen has been specialised in the production of cuticle
scissors, nail scissors, tweezers, nail nippers, cuticle pliers and sapphire nail files since 1930.

Managing Director Michael Becker considers environmentally-friendly, low-emission and energy-
saving work processes to be very important:
„All of our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust air systems and a treatment plant for the reuse of consumable water. We also have our own cogeneration plant, which supplies hot water and covers 45 per cent of the electricity required for our production. With the hot water, the tanks in the electroplating shop are maintained at a constant temperature and the entire company building is heated by underfloor heating,“ explains Michael Becker, who is a member of the 3rd generation to manage the company.

His father and grandfather were particularly keen on resource-saving working processes. „My father would have been very proud of this year‘s „Ethical Style 2018“ award received for this,“
asserts the Managing Director.

The award
Ethical Style
stands for

• Eco-Friendly Materials, Re-/Upcycling Design and Lifecycle Design Concept: Products made of environmentally friendly materials or products that are intended for recycling or that can be repaired.
The steel and plastic materials used for production can be completely remelted and recycled. The products themselves can be repaired or reground.

• Eco-Optimised Production: Optimised manufacturing process for resource conservation, e.g. energy, water, waste
Use of a combined heat and power plant, water treatment plant and recycling of the production residues.

• Fair & Social Production: Products which are manufactured in social facilities and/or under socially acceptable conditions
The Becker Solingen products have been reliably packaged for decades by Lebenshilfe eV - An association for the support of people with a mental disability.

• Handmade Manufacturing: Products that are handmade and preserve and promote craftsmanship.
Becker Solingen products are expertly sharpened by master craftsmen from Solingen. Solingen, the „city of blades“, is known worldwide for its craftsmanship.

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