Statements by Exhibitors at BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2009

Silvia Troska, Managing Director at alessandro International GmbH & Co. KG
The trade fair went well for us exceeding our expectations. Because of the financial crisis we originally had strong reservations about whether the expense would really pay off, whether customers would really come, whether the purchasing power really did exist. But in fact we have so far posted a 20% plus over the previous year. This is very satisfying. I think the financial crisis may be affecting retail but not the service industry. No woman deprives herself of a hair-do, manicure and pedicure at her regular intervals. She may delay the appointment a little: instead of waiting four weeks to the next appointment she might wait five but she won’t do without it completely. This means companies specialised in the service sector rather than in sales are the real winners at present.

Peter Brieden, Sales Manager West at ARTDECO Cosmetic GmbH
We have been very satisfied with the fair so far. Though for me this is not a fair for new customers. We are able to express our appreciation to our customers here. Way back when we grew up with cosmeticians and we are able to thank them for this here. This works very, very well.

Michael Schummert, Managing Director at Dr. Babor
It is going fantastically. We are very satisfied both in terms of quality and quantity. Ordering behaviour, I see particularly here in Germany and Central Europe, is still as positive as ever. Customers tell us they don’t feel the macro-economic pinch so we still also view the year positively and look forward to the successful launch of new lines. Service cosmetics have a great advantage in that they boast very strong ties with regular customers and a very close relationship with clients. At present, our customers tell us that treatment bookings as well as product sales are still at a constant level or are even rising.

Udo Heuser, Managing Partner at Beauty Brands International
We have held good discussions. The company is new, the brands are new and despite this, response to the brands was extremely good. Perhaps also because we launched a brand with no comparison yet on the German market. This attracted a lot of interest. I myself was surprised. We have actually been in talks non-stop since Friday, which made me very enthusiastic. We had international visitors at the stand who are interesting for us in terms of foreign markets where we are seeking new distributors. Our verdict is very positive and we will definitely be back next year. I do believe that 2009 will be a difficult year for everyone and will present us with challenges. The service sector will now have to focus on quality, performance and, to a certain extent, on stamina and continuity in order to offer customers security.

Catherine Frimmel, Management at Catherine Nail Collection GmbH
For us the trade fair was very successful and we had a good number of visitors. The financial crisis does not affect us. This year will easily follow on from 2008. In times of crisis luxury always sells and we do work in the total luxury segment. Our business carries on and is going better than ever.

Martin La Fontaine, Managing Director at IONTO-COMED GmbH
This year I was actually pleasantly surprised. On Friday I had many international contacts. Almost all our partners came to visit us. The Russians were here, the Nordic countries were here, Central Europe was obviously also here – we were in talks non-stop. We also had a stream of new enquiries. For instance, just now we made an interesting contact in Iran. Colleagues in the association offering products are not noticing anything at all and others have said their order books are full. In fact apparative cosmetics may perhaps be suffering a little being investment goods. Though domestically we are very stable and are even posting slight growth. Abroad things are not looking satisfactory. While in the past you could compensate one country with another, at present we are actually facing a global problem and things are looking difficult in all countries whether you are phoning South America or Asia.
Dr. Thomas Neubourg, Managing Director at Neubourg Skin Care
Things are going very well. Friday was very good, the start of Saturday a little subdued but by midday things were moving as they should. We had also rather anticipated this because so far we haven’t felt any financial crisis and there is no reason to immediately reduce all expectations even in crisis. This also applies to the rest of the year. Obviously, a few customers are a little apprehensive of the future but our motto is “successful teamwork“ so we all pull together so there is also always a solution for those currently passing choppy waters. Otherwise though, we are all actually basically optimistic. The fair is very satisfactory for us.

Dr. med Erich Schulte, Owner and Managing Director at QMS Medicosmetics GmbH
For us Düsseldorf is the most important fair because here we have a totally international audience and because all divisions are represented as a matter of principle. As QMS the company we also come to this fair because we find the necessary trade audience here – less quantity but more quality. For us it was better than expected. In fact, we have always been very successful here and now we have launched a new product we are overwhelmed by the amount of visitors. We are sure to be back next year. The operators of cosmetic institutes do not have much of a decline to report. Obviously, there is a small dent but it is not jeopardising any livelihoods. I believe well-groomed women still have money to continue looking after their skin.

Dr. Christian Rimpler, Managing Partner at Dr. Rimpler
The Friday is developing more and more as the highly qualified day and the quality of trade visitors on the Friday was extremely highly. People take this day off especially in order to gather information here. We are very satisfied. Our activities also go down very well here. We obviously also come here to foster links with existing customers but at least half the reason we come is to win over new customers. We have definitely already had considerably more than one hundred enquiries but others have the same too. Only in the next few weeks and months will it become clear how valuable they are and whether we prevail amongst the competition.
A good mood in the team, a good mood amongst customers. We are very satisfied with the result. We are here for two reasons: firstly to serve our existing customers who account for the majority of our clients in the nail segment. Though we also make many new contacts because there is a lot going on in our sector. For Monteil it is more about acquiring new customers rather than fostering existing ones and here too were have been very successful. Decision-makers from perfumeries and department stores were also here and BEAUTY is also gaining importance in this field, too.