Soliane Group and chemist Jean Morelle develop chicory extract for cell protection

The French chemist Jean Morelle – who has published numerous publications on cell damage of the skin brought about by oxygen oxidisations caused by the environment – in co-operation with the Soliance Group, has examined 200 types of vegetables for their effectiveness in combating toxic oxygen molecules, in order to develop a new generation of agents for anti-ageing treatment.

During this, he chanced on chicory. Already in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the variety of chicory growing wild was prized as nutrition and as a healing medium. Today, chicory grows in darkness and is harvested after three weeks. It contains a high proportion of vitamins.

A new, high-value, very pure extract with a dryness content of 92% has been developed from this: Cosmétolégumes ® (= cosmetic vegetables) (INCI: Cicherium intuybus leaf extract and maltodextrin). As an anti-ageing agent, cosmétolégumes are said to exceed the effectiveness of classical antioxidants. Not only are free radicals intercepted, but, for the first time, the toxic oxygen compounds lipoperoxide and hydrogen peroxide are combated.

The investigations carried out in-vitro show that cosmétolégumes significantly reduce the lipoperoxide activity and protect the cells from toxic hydrogen peroxide.

Cosmétolégumes are suitable for use in anti-ageing care, daily anti-stress and sun cosmetics. 1% is recommended as the concentration for use.

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