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Nominated for Innovation Award 2018: wave ritual by wavebalance® unites therapy, wellness, and meditation in one flow

The novel, integrative treatment ritual on the BalanceFloater® entails deeper relaxation and healing regeneration and offers numerous advantages for spa facilities. wave ritual will first be shown at the trade fair Beauty 2018 in Düsseldorf/Germany.

wave ritual by wavebalance® is a novel combination of therapy, wellness, and meditation in one flow. The innovative and integrative ritual entails deeper relaxation and healing regeneration. To this end, the therapist initiates waves which are transferred as oscillations to the organism – which contains 80 % of water – through the BalanceFloater® which is filled with warm water and harmonize the entire body. The guest experiences a deep, softly rhythmic, and vibro-acoustic wave ritual.

The innovation of the wave ritual is based on the treatments themselves and on the uninterrupted combination of the three modules therapy, wellness, and meditation in one treatment ritual. Without having to change position or treatment room, the spa guest experiences a new dimension of deep relaxation and regeneration. This is how wave ritual helps to achieve a new dimension of healing power.

This unique flow is possible thanks to the way of being supported by the BalanceFloater®. During the entire treatment – 60 to 150 minutes – you are lying comfortably on the wavebalance® couch and able to perfectly relax. The BalanceFloater® provides a unique lying comfort since it is filled with 500 liters of warm water and has a pressure-relieving effect.

Manual treatment with sound experience
On request, the rhythmic manual treatment without oil, which was developed in 2017, can be combined with the transmission of acoustic waves of selected sounds and music. This novel use of sound and frequency in connection with the soft, rhythmic manual treatment significantly increases the sensitive perception. Therapist as well as guest profit from this value-creating energy.

In case of the guided meditation, at the beginning of the treatment the therapist guides the guest to a state of meditative relaxation by means of an audio file selected in advance (cooperation with the music publisher SILENZIO AG). During this novel, vibro-acoustic application of sound, the guest experiences a meditative trip on the BalanceFloater® Sound. At this point of time, the therapist's intervention is no longer required.

Benefits for spa facilities
With wave ritual by wavebalance®, hotels can offer a new and unique treatment to their guests: Therapy, wellness, and meditation in a flow for deeper relaxation and healing regeneration. The treatment ritual calms down operations in spa facilities: No transition times, less washing, short set-up times, and an enhanced employee balance due to the balanced power requirements for the individual modules present the main advantages.

The three sequences
Using the example of a wave ritual of 60 minutes

Treatment module: Therapy – Care Treatment
Proven, intense therapy made of traditional, founded physiotherapy (20 minutes)

Systematic treatment on the basis of the diagnosis
In a personal conversation, the therapist (practitioners who do not have any therapeutic education can learn this sequence as preventive application) gathers information on the condition and requirements of the guest. This communication provides the guest with confidence for being able to relax and rely on the therapist during the treatment. While the guest is lying on his/her back on the BalanceFloater®, the therapist clarifies on the basis of specific questions, a full body oscillation test, and palpation where there are paresthesiae, tensions, and blockings. Thanks to the easy rhythm of the waves on the BalanceFloater®, the therapist reaches deep structures of the connective tissue in three-dimensional, repeating motions from all sides but in particular those of the spine. The flowing, mobilizing movements, impulses, and effleurages help to release deep tensions and long-term blockings.
The guest obtains new mobility from the power of the waves.

Treatment module: Wellness – Energy Treatment
Soft, rhythmic manual treatment for regeneration, harmonization, and vitalization (20 minutes)

Oscillations in accordance with water and touch
Flowing, rhythmic motions and minimum, slightly changing touches as well as uniform, repetitive impulses result in a deep condition of relaxation. Soft, natural motions extend to the entire body by applying pressure to key points giving an impulse. Thanks to the deep relaxation, you can forget everyday concerns and come into contact with deeper sensations. Dreams, fantasies, and desires stir up. This is how the guest can discover heart's desires. He/she slips into a dreamland of touches and rhythmic oscillations. The complete room is filled with a feeling of well-being. Now, the guest can let go completely and devote him-/herself to the feelings of touching and relaxation. You clear your mind. New relaxation patterns for body, mind, and soul can be experienced which can be memorized and applied in your daily routine.

Treatment module: Meditation – Relaxation Treatment
Meditative trip on the BalanceFloater® Sound (20 minutes)

Meditative flow as a trip to your own creation energy
In the third sequence, the wave ritual turns into a meditative flow. The guided meditation is an efficient method of cutting out the stimulus satiation from the outside world. As a consequence, mindfulness as well as harmony of consciousness are boosted. This is a good condition for being able to handle future challenges more calmly. Old patterns can be abandoned and you are able to build a bridge between the conscious self – the mind – and the unconscious self – the longings, desires, and dreams. In the flow, you open up to new things.

The effect of sound and frequency is achieved by the BalanceFloater® Sound which uses the dynamic behavior of the water to transfer the music. Whether natural sounds, speech, or music – the core filled with about 500 liters of warm water transfers the oscillation frequencies of up to 500 Hz to the entire body as soft vibration. The waves enter the cells through the sense organs; the vibration excites the entire skeleton. Since the human organism mainly contains water, the waves can expand perfectly inside the body – from the middle to the entire body. Feeling and hearing blend into one unique experience which initiates cellular resonance processes and forms multi-dimensional body images through different perceptual channels.

 For any questions and appointments, please contact Ms. Sonntag at the Beauty Düsseldorf from 09 to 11 March 2018 in Hall 9 / D56-1 at the joint booth of Deutscher Wellnessverband.

About wavebalance®
wavebalance® and BalanceFloater® have been developed by Manuela Sonntag, a well-versed physiotherapist and wellness trainer. Her professional experience of many years in therapeutic facilities and the spa industry are incorporated in the holistic wavebalance® concept which is unique regarding effect and experience. Thanks to the comprehensive therapy, humans of any age can experience the healing rhythm of waves.

For the holistic wavebalance® system, Manuela Sonntag developed a training program which is adapted to the individual needs of the respective spa and therapy facilities. For interested therapists, Manuela Sonntag offers workshops in her own wavebalance® Academy in Wuppertal.

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