Who would not want to be beautiful and successful? Last weekend, BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF proved that it is possible. Exhibitors and visitors agreed: It was a truly beautiful event with top-class ambiance and a varied, practice-oriented programme. And it was successful, as well. During the three trade fair days, a total of 51,300 trade visitors from 47 countries gathered information from the offer range of the 1,046 exhibitors and brands in the areas of cosmetics, nail care, podiatry, wellness, permanent make up, sun, services and equipment as well as extras and salon accessories. “At the beginning of the season, the industry looks to Düsseldorf, since this is the place where the premieres are held, where the trends are made,” Trade Show Director Werner M. Dornscheid was happy to report the excellent results of the fair. He continues to say that BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL was one of the decisive elements in creating Düsseldorf’s reputation as a lifestyle location, since it combines the city’s distinction as fashion trendsetter with another lifestyle sector.

This year’s event confirmed once again BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF as the leading trade fair for cosmetics services. Exhibitors were unanimous in praising the high level of professionalism and internationalism of the visitors – this was achieved by adhering to strict admission controls. Intensive discussions took place at all stands; appointment times for treatment at all booths were quickly booked out, especially on Saturday. According to the visitor survey, 87 percent of the visitors placed orders already during BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF, or indicated that they would do so immediately afterwards. “BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF is a compulsory date for the industry. The excellent evaluations by visitors and exhibitors show this,” said Project Director Helmut Winkler. “Those wishing to get information on the innovations in the area of cosmetics services cannot afford to miss BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF.”

Martin La Fontaine, President of the Verband der Kosmetik-Präparate und Geräte- Firmen eV (VKPG) (Association of Cosmetics Preparations and Devices Companies) also emphasised the significance of the Düsseldorf trade fair, “BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL is the most important annual trade fair as such; it is well established and can look back on a solid development. The audience was competent and arrived at the fair well prepared. We had interesting talks. All in all, the entire event is highly professional.“ This applies to all areas of the trade fair. Mechtild Geismann, Vice President of the Zentralverband der Podologen und Fußpfleger Deutschlands e.V. (ZFD) (Central Association of Podologists and Podiatrists of Germany) said, “It is obvious that BEAUTY is a truly professional trade fair. Visitors arrive with targeted questions, look for our help and consultation or want to become members. Visitor frequency was extremely high on Friday and Saturday – we are completely happy.”

Wellness, or the wellness notion, is a trend that transcends all sectors of the cosmetics services. With foot treatments or manicures and in the day-spa sector, complementary wellness concepts are at the centre of attention. Accordingly, 41 percent of the visitors indicated that they were interested in wellness. The sample cabins “Treatment Worlds of Wellness”, where several new treatments were introduced, and the special exhibition “Wellness with Water and Heat” experienced high levels of interest throughout. “The treatment worlds and the special exhibition are an absolute visitor magnet. We have never had as much interest as this year. We were surprised how many visitors actually interested in investing were attending the fair. This applies on the one hand to the institutes, but on the other hand, we also had talks with some hotelkeepers at the special exhibition,” Lutz Hertel, Chairman of the Deutscher Wellnessverband (German Wellness Association) took stock. “The professional programme was also well frequented. The highest level of interest related to the treatment demos.” We are especially happy about the assessment of experts that our presentation was currently the best the market had to offer.“

In addition to the product and service range of the exhibitors, BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF also offers a comprehensive supporting programme with professional development options that approximately 10,000 trade visitors took advantage of. BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL is also host to championships and award presentations. A total of 97 candidates from 25 countries competed in Düsseldorf in the German and International Makeup Championship and in the National and International Nail Championships (category gel and powder liquid).

Due to the early date of Easter, the next BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF will be held from 07 to 09 March 2008. Concurrently, the fourth edition of TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL Trend & Fashion Days will be held from 08 to 09 March 2008.

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Silvia Troska, Owner, alessandro International
The trade fair was fantastic. Despite our expectations, we surpassed BEAUTY 2006. I estimate that we had about 20 percent more customers at the stand. We have even more international clientele now – it is obvious that the international significance of BEAUTY is improving. Everything went well for alessandro, there were throngs of people at the stand, and the innovations were well received. The concept is widely praised and the treatment times are booked out. Overall, the atmosphere is relaxed because of the wider aisles.

Ileana Schnell, Owner, American Nails
Düsseldorf is the best trade fair for the presentation of product lines, placement and introduction of new products and maintaining contacts. We introduced several new products – the acrylic system Return was presented here for the first time. All went well. Düsseldorf continues to be the leading trade fair, here we have the best chance to find high levels of internationalism in the cosmetics sector.

Dr. Helmut Drees, Member of the Board of Management, Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG
The first two days were very good. Traditionally, Saturday is busier, and it was excellent this year, especially around lunchtime. Visitor quality was good, the trade fair concept is successful. At the international front, we had more contacts and good discussions, especially with interested parties from Asia and the Far East. One customer was from Mongolia. The numbers of international visitors shifted from Europe to Asia. More and more visitors come from the booming Asian markets. Of course, most visitors are German. We increased the number of seats for presentations and demonstrations at the stand, which was received well. We even have waiting lists for treatment, and a steady audience level. Our cabin at the Treatment Worlds of Wellness is frequented well and sought after. Before the trade fair, we also sent invitations to new customers. That was a successful approach. We had lots of talks with new customers and have distributed plenty of material. At the same time, this is a great platform to develop customer loyalty. Our entire management team is onsite, because we feel that it is important to offer our customers competent dialogue partners. Many customers come 2 or 3 days, one day to engage in discussion and the next day to visit the professional programme. The working atmosphere here is very pleasant. For Babor, BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL is the most important trade fair in Germany.

Isabel Beatrix Lied, Owner, BEAUTY IS LIFE
I have been connected with BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL right from the start and have always been satisfied. This year was as positive as ever. In addition, there is a bit of personal pride, because the first three places at the German Make up Championship were awarded to students of mine. This is a great success. Regardless of this success, it must be said that the championships in Düsseldorf are always perfectly organised. I am very satisfied with the visitors this year, the share of end-users is pleasantly small. Here, we met our distributor from Saudi-Arabia, who also thought the fair was very interesting.

Silke Fußbahn, Marketing Manager, Decleor Shiseido
It is important for us to be present and visible. Although we had fewer visitors at the stand, we were able to hold qualified discussions and win new customers, so all in all, we had a successful presentation. The new customers arrived with targeted questions on our products. As a result, our trade fair participation was very successful.

Udo Heuser, Member of the Board of Management, FRIBAD COSMETICS GROUP
We had extreme numbers of trade visitors from very different departments at our stand. Mostly cosmetics institutes, but more and more perfumeries are visiting the fair. Beauty was very successful for us this year. We have ongoing activities and moderation at the stand and demonstrate treatments and make up, which is very important. One cannot expect that the visitors come out of nowhere. Biodroga was the brand focus, and the new Syn-Vipe products were very well received. We welcomed many existing customers as well as new ones. Düsseldorf will also be important to us next year. We will need a bigger display area. The organisation here is excellent, Messe Düsseldorf has managed to attract trade visitors and keep the end users at bay. We had only customers who were truly interested in the brands, and the dialogue was excellent. There was also a large contingent of specialised press. We had some good interviews with their representatives. BEAUTY is well suited as a meeting point for the industry. Both profile and quality of the fair have improved significantly. Here, the world of cosmetics is represented.

Gerlinde Galvagni, Owner, GALVAGNI Schönheit GmbH
Africa enchanted and enthused the audience. The concept is well received. It was surprising that many visitors told us that they had rooms where this concept could be realised. In addition to African decorations and equipment, a special overall concept can be created, sought by institutes looking to stand out from the crowd. It was well noted that there were few students and sample collectors at the trade fair. We had time for discussions with seriously interested visitors.

Sammy Gharieni, Owner, Gharieni GmbH
The quality level of BEAUTY is consistently good. One knows that business here is not bad. We find the right potential here and have had many good discussions.

Eberhard Frucht, Member of the Board of Management, DR. GRANDEL
BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL is without question the leading trade fair in Germany. Presenting here means to be able to achieve an optimal approach to one’s various trade fair objectives: customer service, acquisition of new customers and introduction of new products. Here, the visitor quality is better than anywhere else. The quality of the trade fair and the ambiance of the City of Düsseldorf attract professional customers. The quota of new customers interested in exporting our products has increased. In particular, we met more interested parties from Asia. We had brisk inquiries for all three brands, from other European countries as well as Asia. This trend was noticeable last year, but has strengthened even more this year. The trade fair offers the opportunity to present the company as desired. In addition, we can introduce and explain new products without stress. The new products of all three brands are selling very well, nearly exceeding our expectations. We have noticed that the customers are increasingly interested in new products and problem solutions such as Ultra Sensitive. These products enable us to reach new customers, i.e. those who did not ask the cosmetician about their problems but rather the dermatologist. The use of products from the Med-sector requires special training, which we also offer. The extremely high number of new customers is also due to the economic situation. Again, there is an atmosphere of positive expectation, the whole occupational field looks to the future with confidence.

Gerd Franz, Sales Manager, Jean d’Arcel
We are very satisfied. We were busy from morning to evening. The overall atmosphere in Hall 10 is great. We are very happy with the presentation for Germany, but we also made contacts with foreign customers. On Friday in particular, we had many new customers and technical students at the stand, on Saturday, many existing customers wanted to gather information on new products. Our new line, Naturelle, is very popular and is received well.

Sabine Hermansky, Klapp Cosmetics GmbH
For me, BEAUTY is definitely the best event in Germany, especially because of the separation of sales and professional cosmetics works. It is very obvious that the selection was more precise and that many more trade visitors were present.

Jenny Paulig, Press & Public Relations, MAHA COSMETICS
We are doing sensationally well. The trade fair is very well attended, and we are run off our feet at the stand. We are selling like crazy. We are very satisfied.

Malu Wilz, Owner, Malu Wilz
I cannot say much about the trade fair, only one word: crazy! Everything was perfect, we welcomed only experts at the stand, no end users looking for a makeover. It all went incredibly well.

Dr. Thomas Neubourg, Managing Director, Neubourg Skin Care
We are doing very well. In general, Saturday is the better day; this year, Friday was also surprisingly good. We had the same attendance at the stand on Friday and Saturday. The visitors were well prepared, and we acquired a surprising number of new customers. Our partners and customers always visit us anyway to maintain personal contact. BEAUTY is more than just an order trade fair. Lots of ideas are exchanged here, as well. We also participate in the professional programme at the Meeting Point Foot, which is very well received – nearly all presentations are booked out.

Dr. Christian Rimpler, Managing Director, Dr. Rimpler GmbH
The visitor quantity at our stand was a bit reduced, but the quality of the dialogue has improved. We had many interesting inquiries and have noted that the market is investing again. People are more forward-looking, there is more money to go around. The level of the visitors’ professionalism is steadily improving, the concept of Messe Düsseldorf is prevailing. Hall 10 is discernible as an exclusive zone. It is quiet and one can concentrate on the dialogue with the customers. Our focus for the trade fair participation is less on maintaining existing customers but rather on providing a showcase for new clients. This worked extremely well, we had a lot more new customers this year. The response to our innovations was excellent, and we also noticed interest on the part of the media.

Ketmanee Lertkitcha, President of Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association, President of Asian Cosmetics Association
Visitors arrive from everywhere; there is a high level of internationalism. They are well prepared, know the import laws and regulations, ask specifically for certain ingredients and the processing of the products. As of 01 January 2008, trade will be easier, since then standardised guidelines for all of Asia will be enacted with regards to ingredients, minimum durability, production requirements etc. that are aligned with the EU standards. In this regard the EU has a lot of experience and know-how that we can benefit from. The introduction of these guidelines will guarantee high quality standards for all products. In addition, in Thailand, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) has been in place for 10 years already. German and European visitors have a strong sense of consumer protection and health issues; therefore the demand for natural products is high. Many cosmetics institutes were interested in Thai products, because they want to offer something new and exclusive. Although we sometimes have a language problem, in general, we are able to communicate with the customers by showing and testing the products. In this regard, the visitors are very open. Other exhibitors, too, visited our stand and gathered information on our product line.

Franz Dannhauser, Managing Director, THALGO COSMETIC GmbH
At Thalgo, we run a highly selective business and focus on quality. And we can find this quality here. Thalgo exhibits only in Düsseldorf, we no longer present at other trade fairs. We are not here for sales volume. We are presenting ourselves. It is important to participate.

Wolfgang Keucher, Managing Director, Weise & Partner
The Special Exhibition Wellness as presented this year was a total success for the visitors. The number of visitors and the spontaneous, positive reactions and words of praise have significantly increased over the past years. Many photos were taken, people got lots of ideas. The expectations of the visitors to see something new were met. Some do not think a lot about the actual realisation of their ideas. In this regard, consultation is required and is accepted gratefully. The awareness of cosmeticians for the topic of wellness has taken a mighty leap forward over the past two years. This is true for the day-spa area anyway; but also with other treatments, the goal is to offer the customers a high degree of comfort, they should feel at ease. This must be combined with reasonable applications. The combination of the stand and the professional programme at the Meeting Point is going very well. The stand is a visitor magnet, and the professional programme is very well attended.

Michael Kalow, Managing Director, WILDE COSMETICS GmbH
It seems to me that the number of visitors has decreased compared to the previous year, but we had good specialists at our stand and a good response to our products. In this regard, there is no change from the past years. All in all, we are satisfied with our participation. In the nail sector, the visitor frequency is surely the highest, also because of the cash sales. We would suggest that cash sales be prohibited. We are also very happy regarding the cosmetics and podiatry sectors. In addition to our new gel system in the nail sector, we had positive response to our innovations in the area of foot and face car