BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005 Düsseldorf: Winners of the Make-Up Contest now Chosen!

Winners of the Nail Art Contest now Chosen!
On Friday, 4 March 2005 ten make-up professionals competed against each other in the German Make-Up Contest at BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005. Now the winners have been chosen:

1st Prize (500 Euros): Laura Maczynski
2nd Prize (400 Euros): Franziska Lüders
3rd Prize (300 Euros): Sandra Schröder

The brief for contestants was to create suitable, stylish make-up to complement "The Mods” theme.

Autumn/Winter Fashion "The Mods” enthuses Audience with its Imagination and Colour
A return to that formal and retro vision but here with skilful contrasts in style STILBRÜCHE - this is the motto of a particularly striking trend for autumn and winter fashion. With its cheerful colours and imaginative looks this theme especially appeals to the young target group. Inspired by "The Mods” - those modernists on the 60s London design scene - retro elements from the 60s are reinterpreted here into new looks.

Matching Footwear Fashion: The fashion influence of the 60s gives court shoes PUMPS a new boost AUFTRIEB. All variations feature here from round to pointed toes with sophisticated, sometimes curved GESCHWUNGEN heels.

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