BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005 Düsseldorf: Winners of the International Make-Up Contest now Chosen!

15 professionals from 15 countries competed against each other on Saturday, 5 March 2005 in the International Make-Up Contest at BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005. Now the winners have been chosen:

1st Prize (1,000 Euros): Filip Novák, Czech Republik
2nd Prize (750 Euros): Doris Antenen, Switzerland
3rd Prize (500 Euros): Jenny Andersson, Sweden

All contestants had already won qualifying rounds in their home countries allowing them to compete in the contest in Düsseldorf. Their brief was to create suitable, stylish make-up to complement the "Clean Chic” theme.

The New Trends: Clean Chic stands for a new, clean-cut and yet very feminine, business-oriented style - elegant, sophisticated and well-groomed. This feminine look is emphasised by femininely accentuated suits and trouser suits. Flowing materials also lighten up the austere line here. Basics this season are trouser suits, new jacket styles and cropped box-like jackets in combination with innovative skirt styles, casual indoor coats and slim-cut dresses. The colour scheme is harmonious and calm with soft white, sand, pebble and cream shades, powdery tones in beige and rose nuances, pale greige and grey all at the forefront here.

Matching Footwear Fashion: Lightweight court shoes PUMPS as ???ZWEITEILER or high-heeled sandals, sling-backs and flamenco shoes plus cut-away ballerinas, casual shoes, soft loafers and moccasins in fresh, pale colours.

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