BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005 Düsseldorf: The Winners of the International Nail Art Contest

Skilled Nail Design
Once again this year BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL Düsseldorf became a key meeting point for the nail sector. This is where international exhibitors and professionals come together to exchange ideas, present innovations and watch professionals show off their skills in the International Nail Art Contest.
Before coming to Düsseldorf the 18 contestants from 18 countries had already qualified to compete in the International Nail Art Contest at BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2005 by winning their national competitions. On Sunday, 6 March 2005 the professionals at Treffpunkt Nail performed their contest entries. Their special brief here was to prove their skills in creating artificial nails that look as natural as possible and in integrating length, form and smile line into a harmonious overall look.

1st Prize (1,000 Euros): Lena Sveen, Norway
2nd Prize (750 Euros): Trang Nguyen, Vietnam
3rd Prize (500 Euros): Karin Ström, Sweden

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