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BEAUTY information

exhibitors and brands used BEAUTY Düsseldorf 2019 as a presentation platform!
visitors informed themselves about new products and trends at BEAUTY 2019!
BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2019 boasts New Record: Approx. 58,000 Trade Visitors attended the Industry’s No. 1 Trade Fair
BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2019 drew to a close as the best-attended event in its history, thereby impressively underscoring its position as the leading trade fair in this industry.
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, TOP HAIR – DIE MESSE Düsseldorf and make-up artist design show under New Management
1 April 2019 will see a change at the helm of the trade fair trio BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, TOP HAIR – DIE MESSE Düsseldorf and the make-up artist design show
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2019: Beni Durrer receives “Golden Mask” for Make-Up Artistry
The “Golden Mask for Make-Up Artistry 2019” goes to Beni Durrer, one of Germany’s best-known make-up artists with his own make-up line. Messe Düsseldorf and KRYOLAN Professional Make-up present the “Golden Mask for Make-Up Artistry” to make-up artists for extraordinary creativity, expertise and special commitment to the make-up artist’s profession as part of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF.
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Gerhard Klapp receives “Life of Beauty” Award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2019
2019 sees Gerhard Klapp, owner of KLAPP Cosmetics, receive the "Life of Beauty" award. Gerhard Klapp is one of the most renowned and popular cosmetics experts in Germany. He is a beauty specialist, innovator, trendsetter, naturopath, entrepreneur, multiple company founder and author.
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Travel and Accommodation Package for BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF
For BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF held from 29 to 31 March 2019 Messe Düsseldorf has agreed with German railways Deutsche Bahn and Düsseldorf Tourismus on various travel and accommodation packages that make a visit to the trade fair especially easy.
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See and feel beauty! This invitation comes care of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, the leading meeting point for Cosmetics, Nail, Foot, Wellness & Spa, from 29 to 31 March 2019. Meeting up in Düsseldorf will be the entire world of service cosmetics – coming here to gather information and exchange ideas on new treatments, products, trends, innovations and visions for the future.
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF’s new advertising campaign has adopted a fresh new approach. The modern look underlines even more strongly the main focus of the trade fair: beauty!
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2018 confirms its Top Position
Beauty is always in great demand – and this is just what BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF closing its doors on Sunday also proved.
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF: Top international artist receives prestigious award
The Golden Mask for Make-Up Art is going to Jabe in 2018. Jabe, who was born on Guadeloupe, can look back to an impressive career and is clearly among the great ones in the international beauty and fashion industry.
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Franz Dannhauser receives Life of Beauty Award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2018
Franz Dannhauser will receive the Life of Beauty Award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2018 The jury particularly emphasised his foresight and proactive dedication. Franz Dannhauser’s hard work and modesty, they said, have made him a role model in the best sense of the word.
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New Products_Dec 31, 2018
Please see the attached file.
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Invitation_Jan 14, 2019
Please see the attached file.
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Love Call continues in European Market for Jeju Natural Cosmetics Company Aroma Yong
Love call for exports of 3 types of Aroma Therapy Mask made by professional aroma therapists with natural ingredients and materials grown on Jeju Island continues.  Even before its official...
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Aroma yong gains public favor at Hong Kong Cosmoprof one of the top3 world beauty fairs
“The fragrance of Aroma Yong makes you drop by the booth naturally.” Aroma Yong Co., Ltd., a cosmetic brand based on the organic raw materials of Jeju and natural aromatherapy, has participated in &#...
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