Lectures at Treffpunkt NAIL

Perfect nails

Foto: www.fotosearch.de  /Image Source

Foto: www.fotosearch.de /Image Source

Perfect natural nails, beautifully varnished nails or artistic nail design – well-groomed hands and nails are very popular. The specialist area Nail at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF offers a comprehensive selection for groomed hands and flawless nails: Current trends, innovative products, new processing techniques, hand and nail care concepts.  At the Meeting Point Nail, renowned lecturers give information on practical topics and well-known companies present their products and applications.  

Topics at Meeting Point Nail 2017

The business compass – this is how to develop significant figures
Ralf Bartsch, Fachschule Naildesign

Efficient work in everyday studio business
David Fowler, Signature Nail International

Natural nails – properties and adhesion problems
Pauline Feinauer, Academy Feinauer

Airbrush – beauty comes through the air
Reinhard Geckler, Airbrush Geckler

The Japanese manicure
Ralf Bartsch, Fachschule Naildesign

Secrets of shellac
Benjamin Walter, MAHA Cosmetics & Beauty Care GmbH & Co KG

When exactly is a refill or backfill recommended?
David Fowler, Signature Nail International

The matching product for every nail
Pauline Feinauer, Academy Feinauer

Practice check – this is how prices are calculated correctly
Ralf Bartsch, Fachschule Naildesign