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From the practice for the practice

Foto: Fotolia/ WavebreakmediaMicro

Foto: Fotolia/ WavebreakmediaMicro

The specialist area Foot at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF and the practice-oriented specialist programme at the Meeting Point Foot present a comprehensive range on offer for the work of podiatrists and chiropodists.  The range includes care products, technical equipment, practice furnishings and hygiene articles for the practice. The specialist programme deals with current topics from the practice.

Topics at the Meeting Point Foot 2017

Mycoses in chiropody and podiatry
Maike Sörensen, podiatrist

More flow in your foot through acupressure
Astrid Rani Gottschalk, alternative practitioner

Digitalisation in the podiatric practice
Thomas Gössing, ITA and information technology administrator

From the practice: Prevention and therapy regarding changes in feet
Björn Freiburg, podiatrist

Using the optimal instrument – different paths lead to the same goal
Ute Gössing, podiatrist

The clavus therapy by means of orthosis
Iris Kreuzheck, podiatrist

The new generation of algae-based pedicure products
Dr. Eckhard Hanisch, nsc Neubourg Skin Care GmbH & Co. KG

Hygiene plan/hygiene manual
Anja Beulke, GUSTAV BAEHR GmbH

Optimal therapy with the B/S brace Classic+
Bernd Stolz, Bernd Stolz GmbH

Holistic treatment of nail mycosis
Sonja Spohler, Mykoletal System GmbH

Professionelle Nagelprothetik
Kai Schopp, Podologe, B.A. Healthcare and Education