Leisure as healing factor

Our life runs permanently along a calm even path in the very rarest of cases. Professional and personal changes, additional burdens, hectic and stress or crisis situations are experienced as painful cuts and may lead to health problems. People who are exposed to high professional and also private demands in particular often do more than their mind and body can cope with in the long-term. Mindful relaxation and slowing down are therefore an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The latest findings of modern brain research unambiguously prove on a neuronal basis the positive and negative effects of leisure, peace and relaxation on the one hand as well as action, a hectic pace and permanent activity on the other hand.

One specialist in this field is Manfred Schedlowski, Professor for Medical Psychology and Behavioural Immunology and an internationally recognised expert in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. His research focuses on connections between the nervous system, hormone system and immune system. He was able to prove for example that feelings, moods, your own appearance, the design of your working environment and dealing with customers have a direct influence on health and success by activating certain areas of the brain.