Leisure – about the happiness of doing nothing

In times of being constantly available with a flood of multimedia information, more and more people are feeling under pressure and out of kilter. We want to experience as much as possible but in doing so forget that the number of options also has its price: Because, the larger the selection, the higher the number of options we have to do without. This produces stress: More and more people feel like they cannot keep up, are missing something important and losing control of their life.

Brain research and psychology in the meantime impressively prove how important moments of consciously doing nothing are. Not only do they encourage regeneration and strengthen memory but they are also a prerequisite for ingenuity and creativity. The science journalist Ulrich Schnabel has dealt with this subject in depth. He describes the causes of general time pressure and explains where and how we can still find islands of peace and tranquility today. He shows alternatives and ways out of the logic of more and more and faster and faster and provides tips and suggestions to keep control of your own (life)time.