Cosmetics live produktion

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Sonderschau Live-Produktion

The glass laboratory of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF goes into round four and shows the production of ampoules, hand cream and lipstick.

Ampoule treatment
JEAN D’ARCEL active substance concentrates are filled live and true to original. The filling product meets the empty, closed and thus sterile glass ampoules. A hot gas flame burns an opening into the glass ampoule. A piston dispensing system then fills exactly 2 ml into the ampoule, before a second gas flame hermetically seals it. Due to the high temperatures during the filling process, germs have no chance. JEAN D’ARCEL produces 18 million ampoules yearly.

Hand cream
Dr. Spiller’s hand cream magically provides you with well-cared for hands and a sense of well-being. With a unique combination of plant-based vital substances, inspired by the secret of the Amazon region, MAGICO cream has the refreshing character of tropical rainforests. Antioxidative acai berries, toning mimosa from Brazil, intensive moisture-retaining cupuacu butter and mate extract, which together with vitamin E prevents premature skin ageing, all work together here.

KRYOLAN is a world specialist for make-up. The assortment contains around 18,000 products for the segments of beauty, film and television, theatre, fashion, body art and special effects – There are 500 colours alone in lipsticks. KRYOLAN produces 150,000 lipsticks a year – at BEAUTY it will be another 5,000. For this, a creamy mixture is melted in the glass laboratory, which is then poured into a form in a semi-automatic system and shot into the lipstick cases with air pressure. The lipstick is then checked and manually closed with a cover.