Special show Live Production

The special show Live Production of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF provides an interesting insight into the production of cosmetic products. How is lipstick created? How does the cream get into the tube? How does the substance get into the ampoule? Production processes, which are shown in glass laboratories, will give answers to these questions. Experts of the participating companies will also give answers. The finished products may be taken home.

JEAN D´ARCEL ampoules

When the ampoules are being filled, it gets exciting: The filling product meets the empty, closed and thus sterile glass ampoules. A hot gas flame burns an opening into the glass ampoule. A piston dispensing system then fills exactly 2 ml into the ampoule, before a second gas flame hermetically seals it. Due to the high temperatures during the filling process, germs have no chance and only a little preservation is needed.

Dr. Spiller’s moisturiser

Dr. Spiller’s Fresh & Fruit® moisturiser for tired looking skin in springtime is produced and filled with fresh fruit. The moisturising cream is created from the following main ingredients: Pineapple, mango and papaya.

Nourishing lipstick by KRYOLAN

KRYOLAN presents an attractive, natural production classic: Lipstick Sheer, a nourishing lipstick with a delicate colour intensity and comfortable texture. With the aid of a moulding machine, three colours are poured at the same time into small deep-drawn parts, so-called “traffic lights”. These “lights“ are blistered on a cardboard card and the Lipstick Sheer test sample is finished.